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Aciu (A-choo) is a self driven design sprint aimed to aid users in optimizing their journey from sickness to recovery and continue maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a fun, helpful user experience. 





Pen & Paper, Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe XD, ToonBoom Studio, Adobe Premiere 

UX/UI Designer, Independent Project 

April 2019 - May 2019

People endure sickness for longer due to a lack of effort in tracking and maintaining their health progress. Without a friendly, intuitive user experience to provide ease, users obtain unreliable information and lack direction in their journey back to health.



Mirroring other health/fitness applications, I develop a new user experience to track sickness recovery time. By recording symptoms, the app proposes an analysis and directs the user journey through each day of recovery. Utilizing the health track timeline, users can get over their sickness faster, stay healthy with regular tips and return to what's important in the moment.


An important question presents itself: How do you retain a target audience whose met their objective?

The CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) estimates that adults average about 2-3 cold per year, usually during winters and springs, but the target audience cannot be marginalized to such a fraction within a given year. As a result, I worked to mirror health/fitness apps such as Lose It! 

Lose It! - v2.jpg

The application promotes weight loss, but, to maintain its user base, it also gears focus on continuing a healthy lifestyle. Uniformly, the users benefit from the food and exercise tracking tools as they engage even after a successful weight loss. With 3 million active users and over 60 million pounds lost overall, Lose It! centralizes on sustainability.

The challenge with Aciu is taking what works from Lose It!'s application to expand the potential user base. To achieve this, sustainability must be provided not only to users looking to recover from their sickness, but also provided to all types of users looking to maintain their healthy lifestyle. 


Understanding the two main types of users, I expanded on their attributes, goals and pain points into personas to better grasp what is worth developing within the health application.


User Flow

To mirror the research and personas, I created a simplified end-to-end user journey that leads way for the user to utilize the health track timeline to their situation and advantage. 

Persona-Userflow- updated.png

Using the journey map, I communicated the users' needs by formatting the layout design of the applications and considering ways each frame would seamlessly transition, first traditionally then digitally. 


Wireframing - Links.png


Following through in creating this application, I began developing creative interface designs by using expressive colors and character icons to establish a relatable visual stimuli for the user to associate with. 

Style Guide.png

View the final designs and the prototype for the Aciu application.(Gesundheit!)

Final Product

Final Product Layout - Revised.png

In this full fledged self-driven project, I cultivated an idea to help users get over their sickness faster by utilizing a linear timeline to receive anecdotes on rapid ways to recovery. I enjoyed researching other lifestyle apps to help develop and understand the process, and it truly helped me realize the need for all types of users, sick and healthy alike. I also had incredible fun designing an interface that is both clear and amusing. I wanted a chipper design that parallels how the user is feeling and give it more of a relatable quality, which I feel was achieved through the individualized symptom icons.  Overall, it was certainly a challenge I benefited from. 


But reflecting back, there are elements I can improve on. In creating the user journey, I weighed the process of receiving a diagnosis and timeline more than actually delving into the health track timeline experience. This would have made the project more whole. On another note, being a short design sprint, I gravitated to my initial idea and did not take the opportunity to play with the wireframing and design as much as I would have liked.


In my following projects, I plan to better my work by testing and iterating my designs while also focusing on developing a holistic, end-to-end user journey.


Other Projects

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