Pen & Paper, Photoshop, Illustrator

A real estate social networking start-up working to impact their messenger feature with a design that promotes their theme of transparency. 





December 2018

UI Designer

HOMEiZ' simple, intuitive user interface lacks a simplified visual communication for the messenger feature which confuses and disrupts consumer usability.



By redesigning a visually compelling messenger icon that adheres to their value of transparency, integration of the new and improved icon design generates greater usability and click-through within the social real estate online portal.

Through competitive analysis, I studied three major social networks' icons, noticing their minuet consistencies and differentiating variables. Contested to create an icon that compliments all three, I referenced the Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter icons to develop a notable design.



Through the research, I presented what designs are effective and ineffective. Followed by sketching various shapes and concepts for the messenger icon, I narrowed down a select few choices for approval.

After collectively selecting on a concept sketch, I continued the design process by mapping out the vector points of the new messenger icon.



Then, after adhering to a defined shape and style, and staying consistent to the color schemes of the real estate portal, various colors combinations were tested for the design. 

Pulling all the elements together, the final messenger icon for the HOMEiZ web page is ready for implementation. 

Final Product

This project truly tested my fundamental design knowledge and skill. I researched to understand what has communicated successfully and has been visually appealing. I found it very interesting to implement my collective knowledge to this UI element while working with the team with a specific focus in mind. By collaborating together, I learned what information I had to provide to prove the effectiveness of such a design. Though my employer is happy with the final product, I would have liked to continue with more iterations to test depth, space and some three-dimensional qualities. 

I found it extremely significant to connect the designs back to research studies. Without the proof of why other designs are successful and recognizable, it would have been difficult to produce a design the team would collectively agree upon.


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